From the Pastor

Let me extend to you my personal invitation to visit our Church. We understand there are lots of places for you to attend and we are honored every time a visiting guest drops in for a service. We work hard to give our visitors a warm and friendly welcome. We want you and your family to feel right at home when you come through our doors.

You will find when you visit Averyville Baptist Church that our services have two main goals: first that God is magnified, and second that people are helped spiritually. Our music is chosen with those two goals in mind. We want to create an atmosphere of Thanksgiving and praise to God, which is the basis of true worship. My personal promise to you when you visit is that you will hear a message of truth from the Word of God aimed at helping you to draw closer in fellowship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the common comments that I hear about our Church is that we have a “family spirit,” and that is a tremendous compliment. Our Church is a family of families where folks love the Lord and each other, and where we try to bear one another’s burdens with real love and compassion. We are NOT a perfect Church…but we are sure working at it, for Jesus’s sake…and You are welcome here!