Missionary Work

In keeping with the Mission of our Church, we will endeavor to convert people to faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, baptize them, and disciple them in the local area of our Church, on the state level, the national level and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

To accomplish this work of evangelism, at home and abroad, our Church financially, and prayerfully supports both home and foreign missionaries. We currently support 11 home missionaries and 39 foreign missionaries. These missionaries are involved in the work of winning souls to Jesus Christ and planting self-supporting churches that will continue to do the same.

The worldwide work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires financial sacrifice. For 49 years our Church has supported missionaries on a monthly basis by using the Biblical plan of giving called Faith Promise Mission Giving. Each year, after prayerfully seeking God’s direction, the members of Averyville Baptist Church make a financial promise to God that they will give by faith what God has told them to give, over and above their regular tithes and offerings, for the work of missions. They promise to give this amount out of what they have, trusting God to meet their needs as they sacrifice for others. This is an anonymous promise made to God, not to the preacher or to the church. It is a promise made for the next 12-month period, and these promises are totaled and then become the mission budget for our Church for the coming year. Over these past 49 years, the people of Averyville Baptist Church have given literally millions of dollars, above and beyond their tithes and offerings, to the work of missions through the Faith Promise Plan.